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Question: Are You “Out” as a Gun Owner?

There seems to be two types of people in the gun owning world: those who talk about it, and those who keep it a secret.

A lot of folks will tell you that you shouldn’t tell people that you own guns for personal security reasons, and I can sort of agree with that, but I’ve become the “out” gun owner in my circles, and I’m okay with that. Here’s what we had to say about it in episode 122:

Yep. I’m the gun nut, and I’m pretty okay with that. By being the gun nut, I’ve been able to help a lot of people make educated purchases because they know I’m someone that shoots a lot, and I’m safe and sane, so they’re comfortable approaching me and talking shop. Maybe it’s the gunblogger in me, or maybe I’m just transparent enough that I can’t stand to have my favorite hobby be a secret, but that’s who I am.

So, are you “out” as the gun nut? If not, how do you support gun rights and help grow the shooting sports?

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  1. IN or Out Depends on what State you live in…..New York—-In……Pennsylvania==Out….!

  2. Man, depends on the environment. Around work and people I’m around a lot, I’m definitely the gun guy.

    In public and to people I don’t know, I prefer to keep it on the down low, but I don’t try to hide it.

    Like most things in life, it’s about balance. I prefer to balance PERSEC and expanding the sport/pro-gun culture. I feel like I can have a much more positive influence on people I get to know and talk to rather than wearing gun rated paraphernalia in public.

    I don’t feel there is a huge downside either way, but that’s just my $.02

  3. The term “out” has its roots in the homosexual rights movement. And last year, Bill Maher made the term “ammosexual” famous overnight (http://sellingthesecondamendment.com/bill-maher-calls-us-ammosexuals/). Now there isn’t a day that I’m responding to an antigun story on Raw Story that the ammophobes aren’t throwing the term around with abandon.

    Of course, the ammophobes seem to think that anyone who carries is an ammophobe — but Maher clearly seemed to be referring to open-carry activists. And I have mixed feelings about open carry activism. (Guess that makes me “bi-curious”?)

    But back to the Q: Am I “out”? I agree w/Jon F.: Depends on the environment. I work for a small company whose primary customer is the US military. I also attend a conservative, Bible-believing (while not a neo-con/”nationalist”) church. So most of the people I’m around are gun people.

    Although I’ve carried concealed for 10-15 years, I had largely allowed my carry habits to slip after moving from Phoenix to Spokane about 7 years ago. Sandy Hook changed that — now I carry daily, unless travelling to a political jurisdiction where it’s illegal to do so. (Though I strongly doubt that any of my co-workers know I’m packing, which is how I prefer it. My employer doesn’t have a “no weapons” policy, and I don’t want to be the one who causes them to have to adopt one.)

    I don’t OC, and if I’m among “strangers” — getting my hair cut, e.g. — I’ll say a positive word about the RKBA if the conversation warrants. I DON’T have any bumper stickers or “MOLON LABE” tee shirts, though. Being a gun owner doesn’t define my public persona. (Except on lib blogs like Raw Story. Hey, you fight where the battles are!)

    So … am I “out”? Well, let’s just call me “one foot out.”

  4. To those who I associate regularly, yes.
    I own a holster company though, so as soon as someone asks what I do, I’m sure they assume I carry.

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