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Would You Travel to a Non-Permissive State for a Match?

I’ve been struggling with something for a long as I’ve been involved in the shooting sports, and that is IDPA and USPSA both holding national championships in states that hate our gun rights. This week IDPA is holding the S&W Indoor Nationals at S&W in Massachusetts. Mass isn’t known as a bastion of gun rights (although after listening to Weer’d on the Squirrel Report for a while I understand that it isn’t quite as awful …

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Question: Are You “Out” as a Gun Owner?

There seems to be two types of people in the gun owning world: those who talk about it, and those who keep it a secret. A lot of folks will tell you that you shouldn’t tell people that you own guns for personal security reasons, and I can sort of agree with that, but I’ve become the “out” gun owner in my circles, and I’m okay with that. Here’s what we had to say about …

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