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Lansing, MI Mayor Isn’t Happy About Armed Citizens

“It used to mean something!” lol, this guy is hilarious. He can’t seem to grasp that people have a right to keep, and bear arms. I can’t even be mad at him, because his rant was so entertaining.

(H/T Kevin)

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  1. The Lansing Mayor, isn’t worthy of his office. He is a freaking moron that doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. What an idiot he is!

    The Governor has it right.

    The other thing that scares the chit out of me is all of the “Blackhawk-like” level 2 open carry holsters that the video depicted and that people, up there, obviously use.

    Guys, there are much better open and concealed carry solutions than that.

  2. Dude doesn’t even know the difference between North Carolina and South Carolina.

  3. I was the one who had the pleasure of debating Virgil. Yes, he is a first class, Bloomberg-backed antigunner. He hits on all of Bloomberg’s talking points. The first time we debated I almost applauded him for remembering his lines.

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