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Being “Out” As A Gun Guy… Awesome Once Again

I met a new person yesterday, and ended up spending a while chatting with her about all sorts of stuff. As part of our conversation we got to talking about the Paleo diet, and I have a standard picture in my phone that I use to show people my weight loss. The picture is a comparison of me shooting two different matches, pistol in hand, one where I’m big and fat and disgusting, and one after I lost about 60lbs.

I always preface showing the picture to someone new with “Just so you know, my main hobby is competitive handgun shooting”.

Anyways, that comment got the ball rolling and I found out that this new friend collects Mosin Nagant rifles, and shoots a Walther PK380. Of course this lead to a 15 minute conversation about guns, gun rights, liberty, and the current state of things.

This furthers my theory that most people like guns, but nobody talks about it. I talk about it, because shooting is fun.

Are you out as a gun guy/gal?

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. I am mostly out. If it comes out I engage but don’t bring it up. Of course online I am.

  2. Pretty sure I’m out since I shoot in the backyard. The neighbors can’t miss the sound of my Mosin Nagant Boomstick. 9mm. pistol, 300BLK AR, 5.56 AR and a .22 single shot rifle. Family knows. Nobody else does as I have a SC CWP and carry when I’m out and about.

  3. My chiropractor asked if I had a good holiday this morning. I mentioned shooting a defensive pistol competition on Sunday and the next thing I know he was asking for all kinds of info. He said he thinks this is something he and his wife would enjoy doing together. So I pointed him to some of your blog posts and some of my blog posts. Hope to see him at a match in the near future.

    So to be exact, I’m not out is a gun guy, but as a gun girl 🙂

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