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Shooters Summit


Arik Levy from FirearmsNation has something pretty awesome going on right now. He’s launched the Shooters Summit which is a bunch of online interviews of 20+ heavy hitters in the shooting world. He’s got the big names among competitive shooters, as well as the tactical crowd, which makes an awesome bunch of interviews. Each interview is about an hour, and you can access all of them FOR FREE from December 12-18th, where a few videos …

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What Are Your 2017 Shooting Goals?


2017 is fast approaching, and I think the new year is as good a time as any to set some goals for the upcoming shooting season. I don’t care what your goal is, it could be anything from shooting your first match (or even shooting for the first time) to becoming a Grand Master, or whatever. I’m just curious what the goal is, and how you’re going to achieve it. So, I’d like to make …

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A Little Bit of Preparedness Goes a Long Way


Hurricane Matthew has been dumping a bunch of water on Eastern NC all day today. My rain gauge hit 12″ several hours ago, and has been overflowing since then. I’ve got a pile of shingles on my front step, and the lights have been flickering for hours. I can’t leave because when I leave the neighborhood the road is flooded in one direction, and there are power lines down in the other direction. In spite …

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Challenged Assumptions


If you’re not familiar with me as a shooter, I’m a competitive shooter through and through. Yes I carry, yes I care about self defense, but these days the overwhelming bulk of my practice is for competitive shooting. I was always the kid who wanted to know how something worked. I took things apart, put them back together, and when we had to do silent reading in elementary school, I loved flipping pages in the …

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It’s International Podcast Day!


September 30th is International Podcast Day. In light of that, I thought Id take a few minutes and talk about what it takes to get started podcasting in case you’ve got that inner voice telling you to get started, but you don’t know where to start. If you’re not interested in starting a podcast, you should still celebrate by heading over to iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from, and leave a good review …

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Magpul Breaths Some Life Into USPSA Limited Minor


Magpul just released a 21rd 9mm Glock magazine, and it’s MSRP is something like $19.99. Oh, and it’s 140mm, so it’s good to go for USPSA Limited. Oh, and it’s a Magpul magazine, so it probably works great too. I’ve been using a handful of the 17rd Magpul magazines for a while now, and I’ve found them to be as reliable as my Glock brand Glock magazines (and they’re cheaper). Thinking about USPSA Limited Minor, …

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Summer EDC

If you post a picture of your Every Day Carry, and talk about how you carry it all every day, and it all looks brand new, you either need to reevaluate the fact that youre carrying a bunch of stuff that you never use, or you’re lying.

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For a couple weeks leading up to my announcement of retiring the Q&A podcast, I had a little anxiety that just wouldn’t go away. I wasn’t sure how people would react, but now that the band-aid has been ripped off, I have to say I’m quite excited. I’m excited to write more. I used to write quite a bit here on the blog, and when I was going a daily podcast, I just kind of …

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Well, it’s been quite the weekend around the Apps household. We’ve decided that replacing my wife’s car is best done before it goes out of warranty due to clutch issues we’ve been having (It’s had the clutch replaced twice in 10,000 miles, and the latest one is only 13 days old, and it’s already far worse than the others), so we spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday car shopping for something reasonable to …

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Match Report: Tarheel USPSA

The first Tarheel USPSA match took place yesterday at Woody’s Hunt and Rifle Club in New Hill, NC and I went to check it out. I’ve been talking with the match director for the past couple months during the lead up to this match getting started, and I’ve been really excited about it. This match uses pre-registration through the website, and this is the first match that I’ve ever shot that also has the …

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Mike Seeklander Q&A with Eric Grauffel

This morning Mike Seeklander posted on Instagram that he would be doing a live Q&A via Periscope with Eric Grauffel just about the time I usually take my lunch break at work. I had a question, so I decided to skip eating anything, find an empty office, and see if I couldn’t get a question or two answered. Part 3…. Catch the interview online in two weeks! — Michael Seeklander (@MikeSeeklander) May 5, 2016 …

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Android users: Now you can get the Triangle Tactical podcast in Google Play Music


It’s been a long time coming, but Google is finally adding podcast support to the Google Play Music app that’s already on your Android device. Just hit the menu button, and then tap on Podcasts in the menu: Then you can just search for your favorite podcasts (ahem), and subscribe in the app. Or, you can just click the links below to subscribe in the app: Triangle Tactical Podcast Triangle Tactical Q&A Show

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  • Concealed Carry

    In this post, I want to cover some points on concealed carry. With 49 states now allowing some form of concealed carry for citizens, and more and more passing “shall issue” laws every year, concealed carry of firearms has swept the nation. Americans are no longer allowing themselves to be victimized, and are instead standing their ground, and defending themselves from those who wish to do them harm. I’ve been carrying a concealed handgun for …

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