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What Motivates You?

On the drive home today I was listening to the latest That Shooting Show with Steve Anderson. The jist of this episode was that Steve isn’t motivated by winning, but rather shooting a match at the best of his ability. When I got home I started to practice dry fire and I turned on my favorite Black Sabbath Pandora station. After a bit of practice and listening I heard an alternative view of winning: On …

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USPSA/Competitive Shooting Primer

I found this video today, thought it did a really good job illustrating some of the basics of competition. If you want a more in-depth primer, check out my series on getting into competitive shooting here.

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I haven’t been seeing a whole lot of progression in my shooting recently, because, frankly, I haven’t been practicing. I haven’t been practicing because I haven’t been able to shoot a USPSA match since… ah… May? When I shoot competitions, I really care about the USPSA matches, and most everything else is just for fun. The closest things I’ve been getting to USPSA recently are the classifier stages that Ben has been designing into the …

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It’s Not the Gun, It’s the Shooter

When talking to people about getting into competitive shooting, a common thing I hear it’s that they need to go buy a new gun before they get started. In a vast majority of cases though, they currently have a gun and gear that’s more than good enough to start. Case in point: The Wake County Action Pistol Matches Last Monday we shot the exact same stages that we shot on Wednesday. I shot Monday with …

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How Do The Professionals Prepare For A Match?

A new (to me at least) YouTube channel called 2AlphaGear posted this video recently where they ask the professional shooters about the number 1 thing they do to prepare for a match: The number one answer: gear checks. Randi Rogers mentioned getting in some dry fire before heading out to the range, but for the most part all of the shooters interviewed talked about checking gear instead of trying to get in tons of last …

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Wasting Time Watching USPSA Nationals Videos

I need to work on my reloads, I’m not nearly this fast: Also, look how KC and Chris Tilley (2nd and last shooters) shoot the second array of targets on the move here: The other shooters take the targets on the move too, but KC and Chris barely even slow down while moving toward the next array.

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