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Caswell Ranch IDPA 2-26-2012

Yesterday I headed up to Caswell Ranch for an IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) shooting match. I used to shoot IDPA quite frequently, but over the past year or so, I have begun to shoot more multi-gun matches and less IDPA and other pistol only matches.

This was my first time at Caswell Ranch (usually shoot IDPA at The Range, in Oxford, NC), and I was very impressed with the facility. Lots of well built props for different stages, friendly staff, and tricky shots on some of the stages.

IDPA is a shooting game that attempts to have realistic shooting scenerios that a CCW permit holder could encounter in the real world. Shooters are required to have a concealed handgun, and there are a lot of restrictions on the type of pistol, and what modifications can be made to the pistol in order to shoot in IDPA. Shooters are also required to use cover whenever it is available. Staying behind cover, while trying to engage different targets, at varying distances, and angles, can make for some tough shots.

At Caswell Ranch yesterday, we shot 6 stages, with a couple of them having some very tricky shots to make, while a couple were pretty standard stages.

As I mentioned above, I have not shot IDPA in almost a year, so yesterday I forgot many of the rules, and took a few procedural errors because of it.

I shot the match with my trusty Glock 17, which is probably the most popular pistol for IDPA. I had played around with some springs, and a different connector in the pistol before the match, and I ended up with a heavier trigger than I liked, but I didn’t have time to change it back. This resulted in me jerking the trigger a little, and I dropped a few shots into non-threat targets…oops.

All in all, it was a great match, and I had a good time. I appreciate the RO’s (Range Officers) putting in their time, and keeping the match running smoothly. Everyone should head out to Caswell Ranch sometime, and give IDPA a try.

Linked below is some video of me shooting 4 of 6 stages yesterday. Posting from my phone again, so if the video doesn’t embed, I’ll fix it in a bit.

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