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Wake Co. Action Rifle Match 3-5-2012

Last night a couple of us headed down from Raleigh to the Wake Co. Firearms Education and Training Center for the monthly Action Rifle match. I have recently added some Quick Detach sling swivels to my rifle, and was excited to shoot with a properly attached sling, as I had been running the sling literally tied around the free float rail for a couple months.

Anyways, we had a great turnout, and many good shooters as well. The match consisted of 4 stages, of about 20 rounds each. This months match made us do a little more moving around, and shooting around barricades than some past matches.

While engaging the first array of targets, on the first stage, I had a QD swivel break, which cost me a couple seconds trying to sort that out. These were some bargain basement swivels, and I should have known better than to use them, but the price was right.

Looks like I finished in 2nd place in my division (Centerfire/Optics) and overall. Not to bad, as I wasn’t feeling completely on my game for the match. I’ll take it, but I know that I will need to step my game up next time around, as there are a couple newer shooters that are regulars at this match that are improving a lot faster than I am, and they will be giving me a run for my money at the next match I’m sure.

I shot some Tula (Russian steel cased) .223, and I have to say, this stuff is the weirdest, most inconsistent ammo I have ever shot. I fully understand that this ammo is the cheapest of the cheap, bottom of the barrel, so I don’t expect much from it, yet it seems to work fine for these close range matches. The powder smells awful, almost like burning rubber.

If you would like to shoot this match, or any of the other matches held at the Wake Co. firearms education, and training center, you MUST take the range orientation class, and have a valid range card. You must also get onto the email distribution list, and reserve a spot for the match before hand. These matches are VERY new shooter friendly, and they are only as competitive as you make it. The range orientation schedule can be found here.

Anyways, here is some video from the match. The first video is me running my AR-15, and the second is my friend Heath, shooting his new AK-47.

Special thanks to Barnaby for holding my video camera for me, I appreciate it man, and I still owe you a dollar from the last match.

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