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Is every elected official from New York a complete idiot?

The NRA news team interviewed Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel from NY, who is leading the way on the NY microstamping bill.

“…sometimes the responsible people, the law abiding people, have to give up some of their liberty to make sure for the public safety of all.”

Microstamping is the rediculous idea of having a firearm stamp a code onto the brass when it is fired, to somehow try to link the fired brass to the firearm that fired it. States like NY already require citizens to turn in once fired brass when they buy a new pistol to try to link it to the pistol that fired it, and NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME BASED ON THIS DATABASE.

Let’s face it, criminals commit crimes with stolen firearms, not guns purchased legally from a gun store.

People of New York, fire this joker the next time she is up for re-election. She works for you, you are not subjects of her. New Yorkers already live under some of the strictest, most ludicrous gun laws in the country, stand up, and say no more by electing someone who isn’t trying to push an agenda.

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  1. Update: The National Shooting Sports Foundation just posted on their Facebook page that the NY budget committee struck down the microstamping bill!

  2. You ask the question.. "Is every elected official from New York a complete idiot?"

    The Answer.. Only until they open up their mouth, then they stick their foot in it!

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