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Some time ago, I placed an order with www.ccwsupply.biz for a Ross leather pocket holster for my Kel-Tec PF-9. After placing the order, I was immediately sent a reply stating that the lead time on the order could be upwards of 8 weeks. This was not acceptable to me, so I looked into cancelling the order, so I could go buy another holster somewhere else.

What I found was that ccwsupply.biz would charge a $60 fee for orders cancelled via email, and they suggested mailing a letter to cancel an order.

I placed several phone calls which were all left unanswered.

After a couple weeks, I did mail a letter, and I never heard anything from the company.

A few weeks later, my card was charged, and I received a shipping notification, and shortly after that I did receive the holster I had ordered, after more than 2 months had gone by with no communication from the company.

While I did receive what I paid for, the lack of communication from this company was inexcusable. They do not respond to emails, phone calls, or letters. Also, nowhere on the site was it made known that the product was out of stock, only after the order was placed was it made known that there was a 2 month lead time on the item. I personally feel that this is done on purpose, as nobody wants to wait 2 months for a generic holster.

Before ordering anything from www.ccwsupply.biz, do a Google search of their domain name, and read some of the reviews posted about them.

Also, here is the Better Business Bureau page for www.ccwsupply.biz, where they currently have an “F” rating.


I’m with the BBB, and I give them an F as well.

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  1. i almost orded a holster from ccw supply and desided to do my homework before i laid down $80.00 i read the commets from other customers and b.b.b. thanks guys you saved me a big problem.

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