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Action Shooting Sports Submachinegun Match – April 28, 2012

I’m on vacation in Northern Michigan right now, and heard about this match from the Michigan Gun Owners web forum. It was just up the road from my home town, so we decided to swing by and see what it was all about. This was basically an action rifle type shooting match just like any other, except these guys brought out all of their full-auto machine guns to shoot with. Sheridan Arms from Saginaw, MI came up and brought a bunch more machine guns to shoot, and there was a large crowd shooting them at the large rifle range at Action Shooting Sports. I had the opportunity to shoot a full-auto Krinkov AK-47, and it was a hoot! Had no problem nailing a couple of bowling pins out at 100-150 yards.

Sheridan Arms brought a handful of MP5’s, AK-47’s (one Krink, one standard config), a SAW, MG-36, and a handful of others.

Denny from Action Shooting Sports has a real nice setup here, with a very large range with extremely tall berms allowing for a safe, fun time.

Most of the competition stages were setup with a lot of steel targets, which I love. I guess I need to get a machine gun now so I can come home on vacation and shoot this match next year!

Follow this link to Sheridan Arms website.

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  1. Kevin Boaz (Scari)

    cool looks like fun

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