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“Gunshow Loophole” Rant.

Anybody ever heard the media talk about the “gunshow loophole” when pushing a gun control agenda? I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing as a gunshow loophole. When one goes to a gunshow, and buys a firearm from a federally licensed dealer, he must pass the same instant background check that he would have to pass if he walked into a regular gun store. This is the case in all 50 states.

What gun control advocates are really saying when they talk about closing the “gunshow loophole” is eliminating the private sale of firearms between individuals. Now in NC, in order for me to sell a handgun to someone else, I still have to see their purchase permit issued by their county Sheriff. In order to get a purchase permit, one must pass the instant background check.

So what gun control advocates are really saying when they talk about the “gunshow loophole” is wanting all firearm sales and transfers to go through federally licensed dealers, who are required to record the sale, and hold onto records of the sale for 25 years.

Just what we need, more government telling us what we can do, and recording our private transactions. Remember the next time you hear someone mention the “gunshow loophole” what they are actually saying, as the gunshow loophole doesn’t exist.

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