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H2O Fowl Farms IDPA 8/11/2012

On Saturday I headed down to H2O Fowl Farms for their monthly IDPA match. This match consisted of 6 stages as usual with one blind stage. As usual, I was shooting my S&W M&P9 Pro. One of the things that I really like about this match is the early start time. Registration opens at 8am, and shooting starts right at 9am. This allows us to shoot 6 stages, and head off for lunch somewhere, and still make it home with enough of my afternoon left to get some things accomplished.

Of the 6 stages, as I mentioned one of them was shot blind. This is something that I really enjoy about this particular match. You are given a specific scenario before you shoot the stage, and you usually start with your hand on the door handle to the bay. On the buzzer, you open the door, and engage targets as you see them. Now knowing how the stage will be laid out, or where the targets are really slows you down, and makes you think about your use of cover, and whatnot. I spoke with Mr. Steven Frye, who owns H2O Fowl Farms, and he was telling me that he hopes to have a 340* berm built for next months match which will be used for the blind stage. This is something that no other range in the area has, and will really allow the match directors to setup stages with odd angles, and should really make for an awesome attraction.

Anyways, it was a great match. I ended up taking 5th overall, and first in my division. I hadn’t shot in a week or so, but I definitely felt that all of the dry-fire practice I have been doing helped me at this match. Still working on getting the pistol out of the holster faster. I’ve been practicing drawing without my cover vest on because it’s ungodly hot in my garage. That ends now, I’ll be wearing it working on getting faster out of the holster.


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