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Maxpedition Jumbo EDC Versipack Review

About two years back I purchased a Maxpedition Jumbo EDC Versipack to carry my every day carry (EDC) gear. I wanted a bag to carry some essentials (pistol, spare magazines, water bottle, small first aid “boo boo” kit) and a couple other things. Since receiving the bag, I’ve used it in a number of different ways, from just tossing it in the trunk when commuting, to using it as a range bag, and I’ve even done some short distance hiking with it.

I’m not one of those EDC guys that carries a tactical man-purse everywhere I go, however I am an Eagle Scout, and I’ve had the idea of preparedness (Scout motto: “Be Prepared”) pounded into my head since a young age, so I like to have the essentials with me, or at least accessible at all times.

I had heard great things about the quality of the Maxpedition gear for some time, so when it came time to make my purchase, Maxpedition was the first place I stopped. Turns out the EDC version of the Jumbo had just been released, so I jumped on it. I ordered the coyote brown version, and when it arrived I found it to be a little more green than the rest of my coyote brown gear, however, I liked it so no big deal.

Right out of the box, this bag screamed quality. The zippers pull nicely, and the stitching is very clean. There were a couple loose threads that I had to trim, but overall, the quality was very high.

For the first few months this bag served as my get home bag for my whopping 1.4 mile commute. I carried a water bottle, and some other goodies in it, and used it when driving, walking, and biking to work. I quickly found that carrying a bag with any sort of weight in it, that only has one strap completely sucks, even on a short 1.4 mile walk. The Jumbo EDC does have a small waist strap, however it is very thin, and tends to dig into my side when walking for more than a couple minutes. The waist strap is just about worthless for my needs, but your mileage may vary.

For cycling with the Jumbo EDC, I shortened the shoulder strap, and with the bag positioned high on my back, and the waist strap around my torso, it was quite comfortable, and the bag stayed in place easily with minimal adjustments.

I also started using the Jumbo EDC for competition pistol matches where all I needed to bring to the match was a holster, mag pouch, magazines, pistol, eyes/ears, and ammo, and it worked well. For a weeknight match close to home, it was nice to have a compact, small package that just carried the essentials. The large pocket in the rear of the bag that is lined with velcro really shined here, as I could slip the pistol in there by itself, and everything else fit in the main pocket of the bag.

Speaking of the large velcro lined pocket, if you are one of those EDC guys that carries your bag everywhere you go (you know who you are), this pocket is great for carrying an off-body concealed pistol. I ended up making a kydex holster just for this pocket that I glued some hook velcro to, and slipped it into the pocket. This allows me to slide my Glock 19 into a secure kydex holster, and know that it is going to stay positioned where I want it.

The Jumbo EDC also has a pocket on the side for a water bottle. It is sized perfectly for a 1QT Nalgene bottle, however I have found it to be a little tighter than I would like it with my stainless steel Nalgene bottle. Its not so tight that I have to cram it in, but it does take two hands. Not a big deal, as I believe it was designed for the lexan bottles which everybody and their brother owns. With the lexan bottle, I can drop it right into the pocket with one hand.

Overall I have been very happy with the Maxpedition Jumbo EDC versipack. I’ve used it to commute, as a carry-on for air travel, competitive shooting matches, and all sorts of other things, and it really is a great jack of all trades. It is a compact bag, that always seems to have just enough room for what I need.

I’ll give the bag an A, because there really isn’t anything I don’t like about it except for the narrow waist strap. Great bag!


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