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2012 IDPA Nationals – The Range, Oxford, NC

Thursday morning I headed up to the 2012 IDPA Nationals at The Range in Oxford, NC. I’m not shooting the match, but I figured with it being right in my backyard, at a range that I shoot at frequently, I may as well head on up to see the big dogs do what they do.

The stages looked great. Many times I’ve heard shooters say that the stages at the big majors like this aren’t very much fun to shoot, but that did not seem to be the case today. The stages looked to be challenging, but also fun. I spoke with several shooters who told me that the stages were tough enough that it kept them from going full speed without racking up a whole bunch of points down (except for Earl, several shooters told me that they racked up 30+ points down on that stage).

I headed back up to Oxford Friday morning to watch the next group of shooters tackle the stages. Today Bob Vogel, Mark Mink, Randi Rogers, and other big names began shooting the match. I watched them shoot their first couple of stages, and most everyone began shooting strong from what I could tell.

The final scores have been posted, and Bob Vogel ended up winning by a comfortable margin, as was expected.

The final scores can be found here. I’d like to recognize a few of our local Triangle area shooters who represented ENC at the match, and scored very well.

  • Russell Poole III – 5th ESP Master
  • Keith Garner – 1st CDP Sharp Shooter
  • Daren Kirts – 6th CDP Master
  • Kevin Hall – 4th ESP Expert
  • Dean Bervit – 6th SSP Master
  • Tom Becker – 1st SSR Master
  • Ben Berry – 9th SSP Expert

Nice shooting guys!


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