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Calling Your Shots

If you have been around competitive shooting for any length of time, you have probably heard the term “Calling your shots” or “Shot calling”. Shot calling is the theory of knowing where your bullets are impacting based on your sight picture right before the shot breaks.

Shooting USA did a great Pro Tip video with Cpl. Travis Tomasie a couple years ago that goes into great detail on calling shots, check it out below:

The general idea with shot calling being that you have in your head a shapshot of your sight picture right before the sights lift in recoil, and knowing where your bullet impacted the target based on that sight picture.

This is something that I need to work on a lot more than most other aspects of shooting. I’m not losing too much time on my draw, and I’m ok with reloads and transitions (at least to the point that I’m not losing a whole lot of time on them, there is definitely room for improvement), but one area that I’m losing a lot of time is on my hits. I’ve somehow gotten into the habit of putting my front sight on the target, and squeezing off shots without caring about the front sights relationship with the rear sight.

This week at I’ll be diving a little deeper into shot calling, make sure you come back tomorrow!


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