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Big News Coming From Glock?

Tonight, while perusing Facebook for interesting things, I came across the Glock Facebook Page. At the top of their page was an announcement that there is big news coming from Glock in 4 days (Jan. 7th?), and they were encouraging people to guess what was coming. As you may assume, most of the guesses were that they would be releasing a Glock carbine, or a singlestack 9mm pistol. Unfortunately, I don’t think either guess is correct.

They also changed the cover photo on their page to the following image, give it a good look:

Doesn’t really look like it has anything to do with a new pistol, or mythical Glock carbine unfortunately. It looks to me like Glock is launching some sort of online community where Glock pistol owners will be able to share stories, maybe get together, etc.

If it really is an online community, or web forum type of thing, would would you like to see them do with it?



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  1. geez it's just a glock hardly worth chopping digits off, no different than any other pistol.

  2. Shut it down and invest energy into a single stack 9mm or a carbine.

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