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Glock’s Announcement is Now 3 Announcements…

What was once just an announcement, that turned into an announcement that there will soon be an announcement, is now 3 announcements.

Yes, that’s correct.

So today, Glock unveiled the Glock I.D. webpage. Unfortunately it isn’t ready for use, so right now they are just allowing people to sign up for it, and it’s supposed to be unveiled sometime in February.  Below is the message posted on their Facebook page, as well as the picture that accompanied it.

Announcement 1 of 3: Fan-Exclusive. GLOCK ID is now open for pre-registration. What is GLOCK ID? It’s not just “talk” it’s a tool you can use to improve your skills, track your progress and earn points which ultimately lead to some cool GLOCK rewards… if you are good enough. Pre-register and enter for a chance to win a voicemail greeting by Gunny himself.

I’m not really sure what all of this means, but I went ahead and signed up for the pre-release anyways. I’ve got to believe that there has to be something more here than just this website. Glock is now saying that there are two more announcements, so what could they be? Could all of this be a cover for a singlestack 9mm Glock?

Many are reporting a new Glock model being called the Glock 30S, which is supposed to be a Glock 30 frame with a Glock 36 slide on it, making a 10rd somewhat slimmer .45ACP compact. I’ve actually been hearing about this particular model on online forums for a couple months, so I’m not convinced that this is one of the other announcements.

What better way for Glock to hide something really big that could be announced next week at SHOT show than to lure all their fans over to this webpage, and have rumors of a somewhat not so thrilling new pistol due to be released? I’m hoping that this is all smoke and mirrors to divert our attention away from something truly awesome that will be released next week.

Keep checking back to Triangle Tactical for updates. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let ya’ll know!


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