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Glock Announcement #2

Glock has released their second of three announcements on their Facebook page today. It’s the Glock 30s, as suspected.

The 30s is a Glock 30 (compact doublestack .45) with the slide from a Glock 36 (compact singlestack .45). The Glock 36 slide is a bit narrower than the Glock 30 slide, making for a slightly slimmed version of the Glock 30.

This has been a pretty poorly kept secret by Glock, I’ve been hearing it discussed on forums for a couple months now. I’ve got to say, I’m a little disappointed. Glock appears to have lost all of their love for innovation.

I’m not sure what announcement #3 will be, but I really hope that they have something that will really blow my socks off, because the Glock I.D. website that isn’t ready yet, and the new pistol, assembled from parts of old models have both been pretty underwhelming.

With the SHOT show going on this week, let’s hope they are saving announcement #3 for something really big to be unveiled during the show.

Anyways, here’s the video for the Glock 30s:

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