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Glock’s Third Announcement – More Gen4 Models Available

Well, I called it last night! I was really hoping for that singlestack 9mm from Glock, but no such luck. All three of Glock’s big announcements have been pretty underwhelming.

  1. Glock I.D. Website
  2. Glock Model 30s
  3. Gen4 Glock 20, 29, 30, and 33

It’s great that the 10mm guns are now available in Gen4, but what took so long? They have been rolling out models with the Gen4 frames for two years now, and they are just finally getting to these models? At the rate they are going, I bet next years big announcement for SHOT will be that the .45GAP models will be available with Gen4 frames.

I’m really not trying to bash Glock too much, because they do make some of the best pistols on the market, but these three announcements were just underwhelming to say the least.

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