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Could Magpul Leave Colorado?

The idiots in charge of the State of Colorado are doing everything that they can do to drive a successful business, making lots of money, out of their state. That business is Magpul, arguably one of the most successful firearms accessory manufacturers there is.

The State of Colorado is attempting to pass a “high capacity” magazine ban, which would make the venerable Magpul 30rd PMAG illegal in the state. The bill was approved in committee earlier this week, and will soon be heading to the floor for a vote.

Magpul has vowed to leave Colorado if this legislation is passed, and I hope they do. I’d love to have them move to NC, but due to the current tax structure, I doubt it. I’d put money on them moving to Texas, and I’m sure they would be welcomed there with open arms.

Magpul isn’t alone in this matter. As I wrote earlier in the week, LaRue Tactical has vowed not to sell any items to Law Enforcement that are not legal for citizens in that locality. Grass Roots North Carolina has been organizing a call to more gun manufacturers to follow in the footsteps of LaRue Tactical, and as Sean from NCgunblog.com is reporting, there are now 5 companies that have got on board.

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