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Feinstein’s “Assault Weapon” Ban Advances

Yesterday, Sen. Diane Feinstein’s ludicrous “Assault Weapon” ban passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 10-8 party line vote. I’m hearing from many in our community that they are “confident that it won’t pass the House”.

I’m not so confident. I don’t think that we should rely on our last possible roadblock to stop this ridiculous legislation. Instead, we need to be vigilant in calling, writing, and emailing our Senators this week.

Here in NC we have Sen. Kay Hagen, who has said that she will not “unnecessarily infringe” on your second amendment rights. If you have not already, call Kay Hagen’s office, and make it clear that we citizens oppose this legislation. I’ll be calling today.

You will find Kay Hagen’s phone number on this page.

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