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Cabela’s Gunsports

Yesterday afternoon when I checked the mail, I noticed a Cabela’s catalog along with the usual junkmail. I always like getting the catalogs from Cabelas, as they make for good reading material when I’m… busy.

Anyways, it wasn’t until I got into the house did I take a look at the cover of the catalog which was titled “Cabela’s Gunsports”, and I noticed a well spec’d AR-15, and a Benelli shotgun, both all done up for 3-gun. I was amazed when I flipped it open to find an extremely well written article about the sport of 3-gun, and how to get started. Then on subsequent pages, they went into detail about the AR-15, shotguns, pistols, and other gear and accessories. Now obviously this is Cabela’s way of telling us that they are now starting to carry more 3-gun gear in their online store, (which is awesome, BTW) and it’s also really good information for new shooters, and even an old dog like me found it very interesting.

I’ve got to say, I’ve purchased thousands of dollars of stuff from Cabela’s over the years (I actually received a hat from them today), and they have always been a great company to deal with. It’s great to see a company as big as Cabela’s doing something like this, especially in the current political climate.

If you didn’t get the catalog, you can find everything in it at Cabelasgunsports.com, and here’s a link to the 3-Gun article.

Also, if you read this and you get inspired to try 3-gun or other shooting sports, check out the Triangle Tactical Shooting Sports Calendar. I do my best to keep it up to date, and every match that I’m aware of in the state is listed on it. You can even filter by the type of match you want to shoot.

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  1. Also recently received an issue of Gunsports and was somewhat surprised to see the photo of an NRA pistol instructor, on page 41, talking about the type of shoes to wear when shooting, while holding a semi auto pistol in the shooting position with her left thumb along the side of the slide. Not a good idea.

    • Hey Bill,
      I grip pretty high, and both of my thumbs are up against the slide a bit, hasn’t been an issue. Bob Vogel actually does it too: http://youtu.be/45QhpvY9LZc
      It’s never been an issue for me, but I guess if your really pushing against it, you could induce a malfunction maybe?

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