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Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales and Stocks Plummet

Guns.com ran an interesting article yesterday about how Dick’s Sporting Goods sales and stock have taken a nosedive since they stopped selling black rifles back in December.

If you remember, I wrote an article a while back about how Dick’s was refusing to sell ammo to those who are not US Citizens citing the BATFE regulations, yet the BATFE’s own website makes it very clear that legal aliens MAY purchase ammo (and firearms!).

You may also remember back in December, after the Sandy Hook tragedy when Dick’s decided to stop selling black rifles, and they even went as far as refunding the money of those who had purchased back-ordered rifles during their black Friday sale. If the citizenship requirement to purchase ammo wasn’t a big enough middle finger to gun owners, the AR-15 stunt was.

According to the article, Dick’s is blaming their Livestrong brand, stating that after cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted to blood doping that customers had an aversion to the brand, and that is understandable. However, in a time where other retailers that do sell in demand rifles are booming (selling everything that they can get their hands on) it’s interesting that Dick’s is saying that their decision hasn’t played any role in their downturn. That may be true, but there’s at least one gun owner who doesn’t spend any money in their stores anymore.


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  1. Every since their little ban on fun guns, I don’t buy dick at Dick’s. Hopefully they fall on their face for being stupid.

  2. Ever since I was asked to provide my age, 60 years old, I knew what Dick’s was about. Add in their corporate practices and they won’t get a penny from me.

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