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Why I’m focusing on USPSA these days.

You may have noticed that I’m shooting a lot more USPSA recently than I have been in the past. This isn’t because I dislike IDPA, but because I’m trying to improve as a shooter.

In almost 4 years of shooting IDPA, I’m to the point where I’m almost an IDPA Master, which is, in my opinion, a little misleading.

My first USPSA classification just came in a couple days ago, and I classified C class in Production.

It seems like there’s a huge discrepancy between my classifications between the two games. Being that my goal is to become a better shooter, I feel that USPSA is offering me the chance to improve more than IDPA is currently.

I was hoping the new IDPA rulebook would address the classifier system a little more, but all they have done is adjust the times a little, which probably won’t have too much effect on my classification.

I still enjoy shooting both games, but I feel if I want to improve as a shooter, shooting against people who are a lot better than me helps me to make gains faster than just shooting the same matches I have been shooting forever. I also feel that since USPSA’s rules are less subjective, that I can practice more, and see more gains from my practice.

Here’s whats cool: I didn’t start my dry fire training program until after I had shot enough USPSA classifiers to get a baseline classification. Hopefully this will show my progress in the classifier scores, as well as my par times in dry fire improving simultaneously.

We’ll see.

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