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Triple Header!

Saturday was a heck of a day! The stars aligned and there happened to be 3 matches that I was able to shoot consecutively on the same day.

A podcast listener was nice enough to lend me an XDs 9mm magazine, so I headed out for the day with the intention of shooting the XDs 9mm in all three matches.

I started my day out H2O Fowl Farms for their monthly IDPA match. We shot 6 stages, and surprisingly I didn’t feel like I was at all that much of a disadvantage with the little XDs 9mm. I had a few more points down than I would have had with my M&P Pro, but I was able to shoot relatively fast for such a small pistol. Ironically the biggest issue I had on the match was one stage where we started out shooting a 9mm AR-15 with iron sights, and I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I shot a rifle with irons, and I ended up with an down 8 and a failure to neutralize on one of the rifle targets. That threw me off, and I then forgot to engage another target on that stage with my pistol. Whoops.

After the IDPA match, H2O hosted their Back Up Gun (BUG) match. The XDs 9mm was perfectly suited for this match, and I felt like I shot it well. I was quite surprised when someone told me later that evening that I took high overall at the BUG match, certainly getting warmed up with the IDPA match helped.

I left the BUG match after shooting the last stage and high tailed it back to Raleigh for the PDHSC IDPA match. I made it with just enough time to grab some water from a drive-thru and got signed up for the match. We shot 6 stages and once again the XDs 9mm impressed me. The last stage we shot required head shots on all 6 of the targets at somewhere around 7-10yards, and they were no problem with the little pistol. 15yrd down zeros, and a pepper popper were pretty easy as well.

Several shooters at the PDHSC match ran some rounds through the XDs 9mm between stages and I think it impressed all of them. I’ve gotta say, this thing is a lot of gun in a small package.

At the end of the day, I was pretty beat. We headed out and got some dinner (and a couple well deserved brews) at a local joint, and had some good “gunversation” with friends. I’m not sure I’ll ever do another triple header again in the future but it was a good experience to do it once.

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