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This Stuff Only Happens To Me…

I mentioned earlier in the week that I shot three matches last Saturday, and shot all of them with the Springfield XDs 9mm. When the scores came out for the matches, I glanced over them and noticed that I took high overall at the BUG match, and didn’t give them another look.

There’s an ongoing thread about the matches at H2O Fowl Farms over at Carolina Shooters Club, and one of the guys on my squad made mention that I had received more FTN’s (Failure to Neutralize) than there were targets for the stage. I checked the scores, and sure enough!

The video from the stage in question is the first stage on the below video. I had a FTN on one of the rifle targets, and when you see Craig put his finger up, I skipped one of the pistol targets (on the far side of the spool, its hard to see), which gave me 2 FTNs for the stage. Ouch.

After some more conversation, we figured out that the score sheet had 2 tally marks on it that got entered into the scoring system as 11 instead of 2. Personally, I think this is hilarious, but at the same time it’s something that we need to be aware of in the future. Had this been a major match, it could have been a big to do…

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