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My First Gripe with the Springfield XDs 9mm

I’ve had the Springfield XDs 9mm for about a month now, and I’m still in love with it. It’s proven to be a fantastic little addition to my concealed carry lineup, and it’s a hell of a shooter too. I’m pretty particular when it comes to pistols, and sometimes the littlest things bother me about a certain handgun.

This is really trivial, but I felt the need to share. The magazine baseplates on the XDs have a little lip on the end of them that sticks out from the grip when the magazine is inserted into the pistol. I have pretty big hands, and this little lip hits me right in the middle of my pinky finger.

Now, when I purchased the XDs 9mm, I was expecting to only have a two finger grip on it, with my pinky riding under the magazine, which is fine, but I think without this little lip on the magazine baseplate, I’d actually be able to get all three fingers on the grip, which would be awesome.

As soon as my spare magazine arrives from Springfield (which is still on backorder) it has a date with my Dremel, and I’ll see if it improves the grip without the little protrusion.

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  1. The pierce pinky extensions will fix that problem quick. Best $10 I’ve spent in a while.

    • Thanks Brian. Funny you mention this, I just noticed this item while flipping through some gun rags this afternoon. It looks a little bigger than I need, but I may pick one up to check out.

  2. I’m in the market for the XDs as well and I decided that if I get it that I’ll get the Pearce Grip extension for it and just dremel it down so it doesn’t make the grip too long. I have the same problem when my pinky just barely makes it onto the grip so the little extra that the extension will give should make it comfortable.

  3. If you had actually Big hands, your pinky wouldn’t even touch it. Quit whining.

  4. …guess you don’t know much about tactical features on pistols. oh well…

  5. The Pearce grip extensions make a world of difference in grip comfort and if they are too long I’ve seen people successfully sand them down and look good.

  6. yup just file it off. customized guns are the best and if u ask me raises the value of the weapon to a true gun enthusiast.

  7. very happy with mine. hits pop cans with ease. accurate and easy to shoot accurately.

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