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Andrew Branca is my new favorite person and should be yours too

You, like me, may have been hearing the name Andrew Branca over the past few weeks. He’s been guest-blogging the Zimmerman trial over at Legal Insurrection, on loan from his own blog. Oh and by way of credentials he’s written “The Law of Self Defense”, which seems to be a definitive text about, well, the law and self-defense. Oh and he’s also a multi-division IDPA Master.

As if that’s not enough, though, he was recently tapped to participate in a radio panel about the Zimmerman verdict on a California radio station (Andrew is based out of Boston) and proceeded to own it like a boss. A taste, from the transcript on his blog:

Mantle: You want to respond to that? Justifiable homicides up significantly since “Stand Your Ground” was enacted.

Branca: Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ll accept that for discussion’s sake. But I guess I would say, what’s the problem? Because there were justifiable homicides. That means people were lawfully defending themselves against death or grave bodily harm. Would we want the alternative, where they’re forced to suffer death and grave bodily harm rather than defend themselves?

The Legal Insurrection guys got their raw audio, and it’s 9:44 of awesome. Have a listen:

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