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XDs Received

It looks like Springfield accepted my XDs today for the recall. Now I wait…

I mentioned on Episode 45 that I was going to look at a Bersa BP9cc as a short term alternative to the XDs 9mm. It’s got a lot of things going against it, but it’s fairly inexpensive, and Carolina Gunrunners always seems to have them in stock. I could do without the magazine disconnect, but the real concern I have is the internal lock. As a rule, I don’t trust them.

What else should I look at for a short term carry piece? J-Frame? Walther PPS? Kahr PM9?

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  1. I mailed my XDS yesterday. I do you know it was received by Springfield?

  2. Sorry…. How do you know the XDS was received by Springfield?

  3. I like the PPS. Good gun. Friend of mine owns one in .40. It looks utilitarian, but reliable. I did a post on it a while back.

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