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Sunday Reading

Here’s your Sunday reading for this week!

Exploding Targets: Shooting Aid or a ‘Bomb Kit for Dummies?’ I’m not a huge fan of exploding targets, but I understand why they are fun. In my opinion, calling them a “bomb kit for dummies” is misleading, because setting the charge off with a bullet isn’t practical if you are trying to blow someone up, and coming up with a way to set off one of these without a bullet requires more advanced thinking than most dummies are capable of.

Chi-Raq, a short documentary about life in the Chicago hood. (Okay, I know it’s not reading, so go watch it…)

Concealed Carry: Popular Fad or Paradigm Shift? I thought this was interesting. The author took the time to go talk to people about why they are carrying and getting permits.

The Denver Post tells us that the liberal Democrats in Colorado were lying had bad data about the amount of private gun sales that take place in the state. You may remember that this “data” was used to sell gun control to the state earlier this year. It turns out that there were only 500 and change private sales, and only 10 denials.

Yeah, again I know this isn’t reading, but I think it’s worth a watch: Jerry Miculek cleans his brass with a cement mixer.

I’ve never met Mr. Miculek, but I’ve got to imagine that he’s just a nice dude. I like him.

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