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Things Spiral Out of Control in Cali

While we were all biting our nails waiting for the poll results for the ouster of two anti-gun Colorado Senators on on Tuesday, something much more sinister was going on in California.

A bill was passed by the California legislature and sent to the Governor that will ban the sale of all semi-automatic rifles that have a detachable magazine that holds more than 10rds.

What semi-auto rifles are on the market that have a detachable magazine that holds less than 10rds? None that I’m aware of. This clever wording by the weenie liberals in California is a ban on all semi-automatic rifles in the state if signed by the Governor Brown.

The Firearms Policy Coalition is asking you to sign this petition telling Gov. Brown to veto the gun bills. There are still good folks in California (why they are still there, I don’t know…) and we should help them.


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  1. 1. Is California still part of the union?

    2. If this passes, it will show us how crime rises when more restrictive laws are passed.

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