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Brian Aitken Appeals to SCOTUS

You may remember Brian Aitken as the guy who was arrested in New Jersey for transporting his legally owned guns, and hollow point ammunition to his new house.

He served some time before his sentence was commuted by Gov. Christie. Although he got out of jail, his conviction still stands, and he has lost his rights.

I’ve been following his Facebook Page since the beginning, and just a couple days ago Brian posted an update saying that he was appealing his conviction to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Here’s the update from his Facebook Page:

I will be petitioning the United States Supreme Court to hear my case.

Last week I was given the news that the New Jersey Supreme Court has decided not to hear my appeal.

In New Jersey it is still illegal to transport your legally owned hollow point ammunition from one house to another. An exemption exists to allow you to transport your firearms… but not your ammunition.

What are people supposed to do with their hollow points when they move? Should they just abandon them at their prior residence and hope for the best? Hope that a criminal doesn’t find them and use them to hurt someone? Hope that a child doesn’t find them and somehow harm themselves? That appears to be the official position of New Jersey’s Supreme Court.

Until this is rectified my name won’t be cleared and tens of thousands of gun owners in New Jersey will remain at risk of being arrested and thrown in prison, just like me, just for taking something they legally own from one residence to another.

I’ll keep you updated. Until then thanks for your support.

Brian & Jenna

Brian has also written a book about his story and he’s created a crowd funding site to get it published so he can appeal to SCOTUS.

Check out his video about the book:

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