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So, Springfield Doesn’t Even Have a Fix for the XDs?

Looking at the latest update that Springfield Armory posted on the Springfield Recall website, they announced that they are still testing possible fixes for the XDs pistols, and that they will begin repairing them once they come up with a fix.

We originally estimated a 30-day turn-around time, but it has unfortunately taken longer to develop and identify an upgrade solution. Please know that we are continuing to test potential upgrade solutions at this time and we have been doing so since we became aware of this issue. This testing is nearing completion and we will post any new updates as soon as we have identified a final upgrade solution. We will post our next update no later than Friday, October 4, and we will communicate immediately if a final solution is identified prior to that date. We wish that we could provide you with a specific return date at this time, but we are unfortunately unable to do so. Upgrades will be completed on a “first come / first served” basis.

We understand that our decision to announce a voluntary safety recall without a final solution in place has caused confusion and frustration. We sincerely apologize for that inconvenience. However, your safety is, and always has been, our paramount concern. And that is why we decided to issue the voluntary safety recall before we had a guaranteed upgrade solution in place.

I’m a little perturbed about this, but on the other hand, if pistols were really going full auto, I understand why they wanted to collect as many of them as possible as fast as possible to keep anyone from getting hurt. A small pistol firing multiple rounds with a single pull of the trigger could be extremely dangerous if it worked it’s way out of someone’s grip.

Looks like I may as well order a hybrid IWB holster for the Shield…

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  1. “Looks like I may as well order a hybrid IWB holster for the Shield…”

    I am very satisfied with the one I ordered from Guardian Concealment.

  2. Bummer. Thanks for the update.

  3. Called today to check on status – really PO’ed. First, I found out about the recall a week after it was announced from my dealer. Sent the unit in, which they have had for well over a month, and was told today they are finally getting to them, but I can expect a several month wait. Interestingly, I got the official recall letter from them dated Oct-11. Glad I knew sooner – those poor bastards will be waiting a year at the current turnaround rate. So what are they doing to keep their customers? They will be shipping a free extended mag with each recall. Big freak’s deal, I already have three. I want the damned weapon back!

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