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There’s Two Kinds of Gun People:

People with clean guns, and people with filthy guns.

Tonight I decided that I was going to clean my AR since I literally cannot remember the last time I ran anything down the barrel that wasn’t going faster than the speed of sound. I took it down to the garage, separated the upper and lower, and retrieved my cleaning supplies. I did the thing that every one of us does, and that is to remove the bolt, and hold the barrel up to the light to see just how dirty it was.

Holy crap.

I didn’t know a barrel could even get this filthy. I ended up grabbing the camera, tripod, remote, lights, etc. and did my best to snap a decent picture of it.

I didn’t end up cleaning it. It’s like modern art, if I clean it, I’ll feel like I’m destroying something that I may never see again…

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