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Glock Sight Install Nightmare

Helped a friend install some new Ameriglo night sights on his Glock 22 last night. He had already removed the old rear sight, and began to install the new rear when it got stuck. I was able to hammer it back out of the dovetail, grease it up, and push it back in without too much trouble with my homemade sight pusher.

Changing the front site was an absolute nightmare.

The pistol is a Gen2 LEO trade-in Glock 22 that was previously wearing a staked on steel night sight. I’ve messed with the plastic staked sights in the past, and I just grab them with pliers and pull them off. This particular sight was apparently staked by the hammer of Thor, and tapping it out with a punch wasn’t going to happen. After hitting it with a 20oz framing hammer and a punch for about 20 minutes and getting nowhere, I ended up having to sharpen the tip of a pair of needle nosed pliers with my dremel, grab the staked part of the sight and try to peel the edges up. I then chucked the front site in a vise, and loosened it a bit. Finally I was able to hammer it out.

Once it was out, of course I couldn’t find my Glock front sight tool, and tore then house apart until I found it.

After all of this he ended up with a nice set of Ameriglo I-Dot night sights that look great.

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