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Sunday Listening with Some Reading Too

So, I’ve been meaning to listen to this super old episode of The Survival Podcast for a while, where Jack Spirko dives into ballistics, and explains things really awesomely. You should check it out.

This is just cool: Pin-up girl nose art on an AR-15. I’d totally add something like this to my game gun.

Pro-gun folks are calling their representatives 5x as much as the antis? Orly? Certainly 90% of Americans want gun control though, right?

I guess I don’t see the draw of a bullpup shotgun. It seems like a fad that was started with the Kel-Tec KSG (I’ll never pay for another one of their crappy guns again unless they make some major changes in their QC…) Mike over at ENDO has some good commentary on this Remington 870 bullpup conversion kit by Kentucky Gun Company. I don’t think it looks THAT bad, but I don’t seem myself buying one…

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