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GRNC Tells Raleigh to get Their Act Together

GRNC is threatening to sue the city of Raleigh over their out dated signs in parks prohibiting concealed carry.

The Raleigh Parks Director says it’s too expensive to update all of the signs at once, but they will be updated as they get damaged or worn:

“Due to costs associated with and the potential of this coming up again, we are not going to replace all signs at once,” Sauer wrote to a Grass Roots member. “As signs are replaced (age or damage) or new signs are added, we will include updated information.”

Paul Valone from GRNC says the following:

“It’s not too expensive – you don’t have to replace them or anything, just take them down.”

I spent several years of my youth working for a municipality where I grew up, and I must agree with Paul, paying someone to drive around for a couple of hours with a ratchet and an end wrench to take down the signs would cost nothing.

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