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Post-Recall XDs 9mm Trigger Pull

A couple of days ago the guys at Carolina Gunrunners let me borrow their Lyman digital trigger pull gauge for a couple minutes when I stopped by the store. I grabbed my XDs 9mm and gave it 10 pulls on the gauge. I didn’t write down all 10, but here’s the high, the low, and the mean:

High: 7lb 11oz

Low: 6lb 12oz

Mean: 7lb 1oz

These were measured from the center of the trigger, and most of the pulls were within a couple ounces up or down from the mean.

If I would have been thinking, I should have taken a picture of the gauge after each pull to get you a better idea. My own gauge will be here next week, and I have a friend with a pre-recall XDs 9mm that I can compare it to. I’ll get that info up as soon as I am able to measure both pistols side by side.

Here’s my video unboxing the XDs 9mm after the recall:

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  1. The actual trigger pull is likely a lot less than what you measured. I think of the trigger as being in thirds and try to take my measurements in the lower third region. So, it is not quite in the middle of the trigger but just a bit lower. I have also found that I get very consistent trigger measurements in this area of the trigger. YMMV.

  2. My XDS 45 was 7lb15oz three times in a row on Carolina Gun Runners Scale.

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