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Springfield Armory introduces the XDs 4.0

About a week ago, a friend sent me a couple pictures from a dealer trade show of an XDs 4.0. I didn’t look very closely at the picture and I assumed that it was a typo for an XDs .40S&W, which I was expecting, and honestly didn’t really get me very excited.

Fast forward to today, and we see that Springfield Armory has released the XDs 4.0, which is a 4″ barreled version of the XDs 9mm. Same frame, same magazines, same everything, but a longer slide and barrel for a little extra sight radius.

It’s an interesting idea for a concealed carry gun, as we all know barrel length isn’t a huge concern when carrying concealed, not nearly as much as grip length, so I suspect that this longer barreled version will sell like hotcakes.

I’d like to get my hands on one, but I don’t think I’ll dump my 3.3″ XDs 9mm for the longer barreled version.

Here’s a video from Guns America on the XDs 4.0:

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