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Remington R51 Corrected Comparison

As you know, the last comparison that I did of the Remington R51 was not correct. I was using the 6″ overall length number that was published on many different blogs, and unfortunately that number was a little bit different from the 6 5/8″ number that I believe is correct, based on this reported SHOT show brochure of the R51 from Remington.

6″ vs. 6 5/8″ doesn’t really sound like much difference, but we need to remember that we’re scaling the entire object bigger, not just making it longer. Below you’ll see the difference between the 6″, and 6 5/8″ sizes.

This just goes to show us how far off my original comparison was using the incorrect information.

So, now that I believe I have the correct information, here’s the 6 5/8″ R51 compared to some of the competitors. One interesting thing that I noticed is how short the sight radius is with the long sloped rear sight, even with the longer slide than much of the competition. I’m really excited to get an R51 in my hands, there’s been so much conflicting information coming out about it that I really want to see for myself.

March Update: I had the chance to shoot an R51 recently. I talk about it in detail in Episode 73 of the podcast. Listen here.

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  1. Remington has posted their 2014 catalog with the R51. You have the correct specs now.

  2. Looking at the images, the trigger position looks to be more forward compared to the other guns even though the backstraps are in similar positions. I am curious to see how it feels.

  3. curious about new firearms

    Thank You for the specifications. All we have to do now is wait for the arrival of the R-51.
    As a consumer I will wait for “Recoil Specifications” to be published before buying.

    Looking at the specifications and checking out http://www.Genitron.com handgun website on various pistols. Its a close match to the Bersa -thunder -cc or the Walther ppk in .380.

    Sure would like the Recoil Specs to be published vs. just what others think when shooting.

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