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G2 RIP Ammo Tests are Rolling In…

And the results from the tests are about as bad as we expected. Here’s the first video from ShootingTheBull410:

So, it’s almost as good at 2 rounds of .22lr… yeah.

The next video comes to us from Richard Ryan (RatedRR on YouTube):

Basically, the G2 RIP bullet starts out as a lightweight projectile, and then sheds even more weight on impact with a barrier. Interesting to see the effect that drywall has on the bullet, compared to just hitting the gel straight on.

For comparison, have a look at one of my favorite YouTube channels (TNOutdoors9) testing the Speer Gold Dot 124g +P:

I’ll stick with a tried and true defensive load in my guns.

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  1. i did comment on the video. and i do want an honest answer


    Serious observation here: You keep saying 3-4 inches is “surface wound” and “not deep” enough to reach organs.. I’m quite confused as to why expansion at 3-4 inches is frowned upon , but expansion at 12 is preferred.. .. last I checked the measurement from sternum to spine or “chest to back” is less than 12 inches, why wouldn’t i want my round to explode after breaching the rib cage?

    You said the trocars wouldn’t even make it through bone, yet it did function through wood? i don’t see your argument. if anything your videos have showed me not to buy hst’s they seem to over penetrate as i have found with hydro shocks as well.

    not starting a flame war.. i want a serious explanation.

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