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Stickywire Holsters Mini IWB Hybrid Holster Review

Several months back after picking up my S&W Shield 9mm, I was shopping around for a hybrid inside the waistband holster for the pistol. I’ve always used Crossbreed Supertuck holsters, but due to their several month backorder at the time, I decided to look for a more local option that would get me the holster sooner for less money out of pocket.

I had read many fantastic reviews of the Stickywire Holsters Hybrid IWB holsters over at Carolina Shooters Club, and decided to give them a try. They are based in South Carolina, and I’m always happy to support small business. I emailed about getting a mini holster made for the S&W Shield, as their website was only listing the fullsize holster for the Shield. They responded quickly, and let me know that he had some already made and ready to ship. I sent $53 on November 7th, 2013, and received the holster in about a week.

First Impression:

When the holster arrived, I popped open the envelope and gave it a good once over. My first thought was that the leather was a lot thinner and more flexible than either of my Crossbreed holsters, the kydex was molded with good definition and the rivets were smooth.


As I mentioned above, my first thought was that the leather was thinner than my Crossbreed Supertuck holsters. I was initially disappointed with this, but after wearing the holster for just a few minutes I realized that with the more flexible leather, the holster doesn’t need weeks of breaking in. The edges of the leather are cut nicely, but not burnished or beveled. On the back of the holster, the leather has a rough texture which aids in holding the whole thing in place. (On my Crossbreed holsters I’ve went so far as to roughen the leather with sandpaper to gain the texture that the Stickywire holster has.)

In the below two photos, disregard the spill stains on the back of the holster, it was my fault…

The holster has a generous combat cut which makes getting a full firing grip on it while holstered very easy. This comes standard with Stickywire, but other brands charge a premium for it.


The kydex was molded nicely with good definition, and not too tight so the draw is pretty smooth. The edges of the kydex are a little rough, especially around the trigger guard. I’m not sure how Stickywire finishes the edges of the kydex, but it could use a little more smoothing. I’ve been meaning to smooth the edge around the trigger guard with a little 600 grit sandpaper, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


The clips used on this holster are your standard steel clips. Nothing special, but they do their job, no complaints there. The clips are held onto the holster with screws and plastic spacers. I haven’t adjusted them, and unlike other hybrid holsters I’ve purchased in the past, they have not come loose, so it appears that Stickywire has this figured out.


The Stickywire IWB hybrid is very comfortable. The thinner leather conforms to my body nicely. It stays in place, and holds the pistol close. The full sweat guard keeps the sharp edges from the pistol off my body, and the combat cut allows a full grip.

Here’s the Deal:

The Stickywire holster is functional, but rough around the edges. Unfinished edges on the leather, and some rough spots on the kydex.

I’ve been comparing this holster to both of my Crossbreed holsters because the Crossbreed Supertuck holsters are the highest quality hybrid IWB holsters I’ve used. The Crossbreed holsters come at a premium price, ($69.75 at the time of this review for the base model, but to upgrade to horsehide, and combat cut it comes in at $92.25) and the last one I ordered also took over 3 months to arrive.

On the other hand, the Stickywire Hybrid IWB came standard with horsehide and a combat cut. I also had it in about a week. I gave $53 for the Stickywire shipped. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and a 2 week money-back guarantee.

Is having burnished leather, perfectly smooth kydex edges, and custom branded clips worth the extra $39.25 and a long wait for the Crossbreed? Probably not.

I give the Stickywire Mini IWB Hybrid holster a solid B. It’s a decent value, and I was happy to support a Carolina based business. It’s a little rough around the edges, but nothing a couple minutes in the garage won’t remedy.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.

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  1. Good review. I have never understood why a concealed holster needed to look good. It only needs to be functional and comfortable. Honestly, those rough edges don’t effect the quality of the holster, or the feel. Much more detail in the kydex as far as molding it to the gun vs other makers. I have this holster, and unlike some others, this one uses the entire gun for retention. Some makers use the trigger guard. That will cause more wear.

    The smoothed out edges on the leather and top of hydex only add labor, which of course will increase the cost. Honestly it’s not needed for a concealed holster that is not seen, as it is nothing that can be felt, and it doesn’t touch the gun. The back of this horsehide does feel better and it stays in place better than some leather. You are right about the comfort and lack of break in needed vs other leather. Some others need to use his backings and tighten clips with what he uses.

    It’s a no fancy thrills, yet most comfortable hybrid I have tried out the package. Looks are not worth an extra 39.25 for something that no one see’s and is concealed. I imagine that’s a reason the cost is kept down for this horsehide, reduce the time and labor, and put the effort in what matters, combat cut, proper kydex mold, and comfort.

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