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Michigan: Short Barreled Rifle Bill Headed to Gov. Snyder

Luke shooting an SBR (machine gun) in Manton, MI in 2012

It’s no secret that I grew up in northern Michigan. Spent a lot of time hunting and fishing, and trying to sort out the absolutely wacked firearm laws up there. For years the state had handgun registration that required taking the proof of purchase of your pistol to the police department to register it (I’d really like to see the number of handguns sold vs. the number that were actually registered). Rifles that were perfectly legal under Federal law may have been too short under State law, and required registration under what many called a “Michigan Pistol”. Until very recently suppressors were not in the cards for Michigan residents, and even to this day, it’s not possible to own a Short Barreled Rifle or Shotgun in the state.

This is changing, hopefully this week. Michigan SB610 has been somewhat slowly working it’s way through the state legislature, and just this afternoon the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners posted an update saying that the bill has been passed by the Senate one last time, and is on it’s way to the governor. As I understand the situation, SBR’s will still have to go through the whole NFA/BATFE process, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Keep up the pressure, and maybe start window shopping for an SBR…

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