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Tinfoil Hat: US Gov Creates Social Network to Stir Unrest in Cuba

I generally try not to stray too far from guns and gear and stuff like that here at Triangle Tactical, but sometimes there’s a story that I can’t let slip by without mentioning:

The Washington Post is reporting that the US Government created a Twitter like social network in Cuba in order to stir unrest, and possibly overthrow Castro.

I don’t like Castro. I don’t like communism, and I don’t like that the Cuban people are living under a dictator who is keeping them in their current situation.

With that being said, after all of the things that have come out over the past year or so regarding domestic spying here in the US, I’m more than a little concerned that the .gov may be involved in something like this domestically. I guess in the US they wouldn’t have to make their own social network though, since it seems like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are pretty willing to share whatever goes on with the .gov.

It’s not just this story that raises my hackles, this is just the latest in a series of events that have me concerned about the current state of things.

Oh, and lets not forget that Michigan could have just triggered a Constitutional Convention of the states, which if found to be valid could put our whole Constitution on the chopping block. Not a big deal you say? Think about how stupid and corrupt the average politician is, then remind yourself that half of them a dumber than that.

Rant off.

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