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Selling My Mossberg 930

Just a heads up, my Mossberg 930 is up for sale at Carolina Gunrunners in North Raleigh.

It’s your standard Mossberg 930 with an 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel.

I’ve added the following:

– Nordic Components Extended tube which brings the shotgun up to 8+1 capacity
– Nordic Components Extended Bolt Handle
– Custom stippling on the stock and forearm
– Custom loading port modification to make loading the shotgun faster



(Sorry for the crappy photography, it’s the best I could do in a hurry!)

Also included is the stock magazine cap, spring, bolt handle, and stock shims to make the shotgun fit you.

I’ve had the 930 for about two years, and I was originally building it to be a dedicated 3-Gun shotgun. Unfortunately I haven’t shot 3-Gun since 2012, so it’s time for this to go.

Most all the ammo I’ve put through it has been the cheap bulk pack Federal and Winchester loads from Walmart, and about half a box of reduced recoil slugs. It’s eaten it all without issue.

I’m asking $450, and you can go check it out at Carolina Gunrunners during regular business hours until it’s sold.

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