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“I don’t carry all the time, I live in a good neighborhood…”

How many times have you heard someone say this? “I don’t carry at home, I live in a good neighborhood” or “I only carry when I’m going somewhere I might need it”

A Wake Forest, NC man was kidnapped from his home 5 days ago, and transported to Atlanta where he was being held in an apartment. This morning he was rescued by FBI agents, and it appears from the article that he’s okay.

This line from the WRAL article struck me:

WRAL News has learned that Janssen’s daughter is an assistant district attorney in Wake County who prosecutes gang and drug cases. It was unclear whether his daughter’s work has any connection to Janssen’s disappearance.

Who kidnapped Mr. Janssen? We don’t know yet.

The article mentions the neighborhood where Janssen lives, and I’m very familiar with that area. It’s a nice neighborhood (most of the homes for sale in the neighborhood are going between $400,000 and $500,000 currently) and generally a pretty safe area, but the facts remain that bad things happen in good areas all the time. My own neighborhood had a murder/suicide last year, just blocks from my home.

I’m glad Mr. Janssen is okay, and I hope that he, his wife, and his daughter all get armed and trained.

EDIT: Just after hitting publish I went back to the WRAL story and they are running a banner on the top of the page that says the following:

FBI: Wake Forest man’s kidnapping tied to daughter’s work as prosecutor

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  1. Sean D Sorrentino

    Related to his daughters work. Here’s the FBI press conference.


    Apparently the ransom demands were for the benefit of this guy

    He was prosecuted by the victim’s daughter. Dad was rescued by FBI HRT.

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