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Guns and Barbells on the Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge

Karla from Team FNH just did a writeup on her blog about the Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge which took place just a few minutes drive from downtown Raleigh last week. I haven’t shot the Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge, but I have several friends who are TH3G regulars who have all given me great feedback about the match.

In a sport that’s increasingly morphing towards shorter-faster-burn-em-down stages, Tarheel stands out as a distinctly rifle match. Of the 8 stages, 5 had targets at least 200 yards away; most of those had targets nearly out to 300. There was off-hand rifle shooting at distances to 100 yards on 3 stages. And not to be forgotten, some stages did offer options to shoot rifle instead of pistol at close-range targets. More at Guns and Barbells…

I haven’t shot 3-Gun in a while (mid 2012) but I think I need to get practiced up to shoot the 2015 Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge. It’s right in my backyard…

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