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Georgia Quietly Gains Campus Carry

Several weeks back while working on show prep for a podcast episode Ben and I were going line by line through the Georgia “guns everywhere” bill. We had heard that the bill included campus carry, the ability for teachers to carry, and a bunch of other stuff.

Unfortunately after going through the actual bill that was passed by the Georgia state legislature we didn’t see the campus carry provisions that we were looking for, so it hit the cutting room floor.

Last week the bill was signed by the Governor of Georgia, and it hit the media making all sorts of waves with the “guns everywhere” moniker. It really wasn’t an “extreme” bill, but rather just caught Georgia up with most of its neighbors and other free states.

Fill Yer Hands is reporting that the Georgia campus carry bill does exist, and was actually passed by the legislature, and signed by the Governor this week without much fanfare. This is great news! It seems that there may be some questions about the actual wording of the bill, so we’ll be keeping an eye on that, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully NC will follow suit.

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