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Hillary Clinton Pushing Gun Control is Fantastic

image Hillary “What Difference Does it Make?” Clinton is making waves with the pro-gun community this week after saying that we need to reject the idea that anybody should be able to carry a gun anywhere, and that we need to “reign in” guns in the US.

This couldn’t be better for us.

It’s apparent that Hillary is gearing up for a 2016 Presidential run, and seeing her come out foaming at the mouth against guns this early is just nails in her political coffin. She must not have run her comments past her husband, who’s party suffered greatly after the passage of the 1994 Brady Bill.

“The NRA was an unforgiving master: one strike and you’re out.”
-Bill Clinton “My Life”

These comments from Hillary were her strike. Maybe her second strike, or maybe her strike out. Either way, don’t forget it.

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